Sketching Nature

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A pencil sketch of a Red Oak leaf

Sketching Nature: A Red Oak Leaf

Drawing or sketching is an essential skill for aspiring naturalists, or anyone interested in understanding more about Nature and the world around them.

It doesn’t take a ton of talent, but it does take some time. By spending a few hours looking closely at Nature and natural objects, you will begin to see the details that are otherwise missed. Likewise, you will pick up on the important features that differentiate one tree from another, or one bird from another. Learning to draw those important details can help imprint the information in your brain and will in turn connect you more closely to Nature.

Whether you want to draw Nature as art or just as a means of documenting your own exploration of Nature, sketching Nature will definitely enhance your observation skills.

For more information, check out our page on Drawing and Sketching Nature.

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