Climate Change may hit our pocket books hard…

Climate Change Threatens Ohio's Environment and Economy – Environment Ohio

Environment Ohio is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. In this new report, they say climate change could cost Ohio’s economy $126,900,000,000. If their calculations are correct, it isn’t just the polar bears and glaciers that are in trouble. The same report projects that nearly 2 million jobs in Ohio alone could be lost due to climate change.

It seems a sad state of affairs, but it seems that many of the people with the power to institute real change in the world respond more to the economic arguments than to cares about bears and bunnies and bugs. Maybe this, and other reports like it will spur ore people to action. Whether you buy into global climate change or not, why take the risk. We can be blind, and ignore the potential issue, or we can take reasonable precautions to prevent terrible adversity. If the vast majority of scientists are wrong about the risk or global climate change, and we take appropriate action, we still get a cleaner greener world in the end.