I’m Not A Commie!

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I’m Not A Commie!: “As a matter of Justice, if someone were take a biological weapon and empty the contents in a public reservoir maintained for a city’s public drinking water, would you consider this mass murderer to be a terrorist?”

I would say “terrorist”. Even if it is a corporation polluting our water for profit. However, there are many who believe that environmental regulations are somehow anti-capitalist and hence somehow wrong. And of course, if it were 1950, we might just be called “commies” for suggesting such a thing.

Well, it ain’t 1950, but I do hear the term “commie” thrown around frequently these days. Times just don’t change for some people, including those of us who only lived through the last part of the cold war. Marc Hudson does a good job of debunking this anachronistic, unenlightened, red-baiting point of view in this post at In One Ear and Out the Other.

What do you think?

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