Peace of Nature

Inner turmoil
ends when I see you
Swirling storms
calm with your words
Floundering spirits
stand strong when you guide along the way
Worry dies
when I look into your eyes
Confusion clears
when your voice hits my ears
Pain becomes
pleasure when your heart touches mine
And it does.
When I see the leaf sway and hear the singing voice of the breeze and the bird pointing the way to the eye of the storm,  my heart lies safely embraced in the heart of Nature.
The heart, voice, eyes, guidance, words and vision of Nature keep us whole.


The warmth of the sun

A green leaf, singular, still
While all the others sway in the breeze
This one is motionless, peaceful in the shade of the trees
For it, the chaos around holds no great thrill.

Sun shines down on some
Others are cloaked in shadows
Creating an effect of color that grows and grows
Reminding me once more of the vibrant times yet to come.

Though the wind ‘round us blows
The still leaf is undisturbed still; the others yet sway
Each has its own fate and its own way
Each with its own secret only it knows.

They know all is one
That still and swaying are the same
Even when our thoughts refuse to be tame
We can still feel the warmth of the sun.

Still breeze, thrilling trees
Some shadows to my toes came
They blow and sway and know their own way
One and the same, they cannot tame
the warmth of the sun.