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I have been fairly inactive here at the Nature blog due to a hectic schedule at my day job (at Western Reserve Land Conservancy). While I haven’t had much to say here, I have been browsing other Nature related blogs recently. I thought since you were visiting here you might like Nature. So, I have compiled this little list of my favorite Nature-related blogs.

Just as a warning, don’t expect to see the “sky is falling” environmentalist type of blogs here. I do read those, and even like a few of them, but I wanted to keep this list to the real Nature stuff…inspirational, pretty pictures. You know, great writing that will inspire, provoke and stimulate you to get up and go outside.

I am listing these in no particular order, so don’t feel that you should only visit the first couple. They are all great and worth your time.

The Ohio Nature Blog by Tom Arbour (
Tom blogs about his adventures as a botanist and ecological analyst. In his crisp writing you can get a great feel for the dozens of habitats he traverses. More impressive, however, are the photographs. Tom’s pictures nearly jump off the page in their vivid color and exquisite focus. He throws in some handy photography tips and notes on his equipment here and there as well. If you are into nature and enjoy learning the scientific names of species, make sure you check out the Ohio Nature Blog by Tom Arbour.

Mon@rch’s Nature Blog (
Focused on Western New York State, this Nature Blog contains beautiful Nature photographs. My favorite post is from a recent trip to Ohio, however. It seems that Cleveland Metroparks North Chagrin Reservation is so nice that even folks blessed with wonderful Natural areas out of state enjoy visiting. Here is a link to the Mon@rch’s Nature Blog post showing some beautiful wood ducks on Sanctuary Marsh at North Chagrin.

The Featured Creature (
Fun facts and photos of different bizarre creatures. From Yellow Bellied Sea Snakes and baby Pandas, this blog collects photos from various sources compiling them into a fascinating look at some of the coolest animals I have ever seen.

The Everyday Adventurer (
The Everyday Adventurer is written my a mouse named Ratty. No. Really. Oh Ok. Not really, but that is what it says on the home page. Ratty does a great job of capturing photos of interesting moments in Nature, like a herd of raccoons ambling down a path, or a squirrel on a log. His text is always well-written and thought-provoking too.

Bill of the Birds (
Awesome birding blog. Photos and text about Bill’s birding adventures all over. From Southern Ohio to Papua New Guinea, Florida, North Dakota and other exotic places. The text is spiced with just the right amount of silliness (like referring to himself as an all around fungi) and just enough about non-bird species to keep the non-birders among us interested. You will be able to spend hours on this blog and enjoy every moment of it.

There are many more good Nature related blogs out there, but these are five of my favorites. Which ones get you all geared up for an outdoor adventure?

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