Cuyahoga Valley National Park offers a glimpse of nature

One of only 55 National Parks across the U.S., Cuyahoga Valley is a hidden gem. From towering waterfalls and tall trees, to the Ohio and Erie Canal that once connected the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, this park is a true national treasure that you should visit.

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Hiking the Buckeye Trail in Bedford Reservation

This 9.7 mile segment of the Buckeye Trail takes you along the top of the Tinker’s Creek Gorge, a National Natural Landmark. The hiker can also get a great look at Bridal Veil Falls, a 30-foot tall waterfall shaded by towering hemlock trees.

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Northeast Ohio parks buck national trend, attendance is up

While park visitation may be down on the whole, in northeast Ohio, park attendance is up 20% in recent times.

Is it because we have better parks? More Parks? People more in tune with Nature? Bad statistics? Whatever the reason, encourages you to continue this trend and check out Ohio Parks on

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Time for steelhead fishing to begin for the fall.

Soon, cooler temperatures and perfect water levels will signal the ideal time for steelhead fishing around northeast Ohio. Steelhead fishing is great on Conneaut Creek, the Ashtabula River, the Grand River, the Chagrin River, Rocky River, Vermilion River, and even spots on the Cuyahoga. This challenging outdoor pursuit is not for the faint-hearted. Cold rushing water, cold air, and feisty fish make steelhead fishing strenuous, so be careful.

To learn more check out the Ohio Central Basin Steelheaders web site. If you are so inclined, join the group. Their President, Joe Moravec and the rest of the Central Basin Steelheaders care about nature and conservation and our northeast Ohio environment. Their club shows it by participating in and leading a number of efforts at education throughout the year, as well as supporting conservation groups in the area.

Check out this article in the Plain Dealer for yet more information: Cooler weather brings steelhead –


Their lives depend on it-Get your kids outside!

As naturalist William Hudson tells us in On Taking Kids Outside, children need to be exposed to the outdoors to thrive and connect to the real nature all around us.

Don’t just take our word for it. In the newspaper article linked below, Jennie Vasarhelyi, Chief of interpretation, education and visitor services for Cuyahoga Valley National Park tells us all about it, and throws in a schedule of events to boot.

Enjoy! Akron Ohio News – Outdoors benefits children’s well-being