Spring is on its way…

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A couple of days ago, I was standing in my bedroom, looking out toward the woods. Suddenly, I saw a strange bluish, head looking out from the shrubs. This alien looking creature then stepped forward, revealing itself to be a wild turkey. It was a tom with a beard about 10 inches long. I got excited. Then another followed, and another, and another. My excitement grew. Six large toms eventually sauntered out of the woods and into the field.

Stepping out to the patio and opening a window, I made a couple of lame attempts to call to them in turkey language. Alas, I am not fluent. They stopped moving, but didn’t even look at me. On the third try, they did look at me, but never called back.

In any event, the subject of this post is Spring. I was told by a friend, who was forced to listen to this whole episode, since I was on the phone with him when the turkeys appeared, that the large mixed-gender winter flocks start to break down into single-sex groups when spring is near.

So, groundhogs are out. Turkeys are in. Spring, here we come!

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