Do you think of yourself as a visitor in Nature, or a part of it?

In our fast-paced society, we seldom make time for Nature. When we do, it is a quick visit to a park or a short trek along a favorite trail. These brief intervals surrounded by the natural world refresh and relax us.

Then, we return to our “real” lives. Deadlines, commitments, paperwork, phone calls. What a strange way to view the world. People are, and always have been an integral part of Nature. The more removed from Nature we are, the more removed we are from our true selves.

Too often, environmentalists implicitly underwrite and perpetuate the false assumption that humans are trespassers or interlopers. Granted, we as a species have wrought horrific terrors upon the earth, and taken many concepts to extremes which threaten the health of the earth. The answer to that, however, is not a strict preservationist’s “hands off” attitude. The answer to that problem is moderation and a realization that what we do to the earth, we ultimately do to ourselves.

Living in balance, there are many uses we can make of our natural endowment that can enhance our lives and still leave the system healthy. This ultimately brings us closer to Nature, and to our own ultimate reality. Check out “Thumping Hickories,” a new essay from naturalist William Hudson, and then get outside, learn something, and refresh your soul.


Night Haunt I

May 30, 8PM – 12PM
Pre-registration required

The evening will begin with a program on Ohio’s only flying mammal, the “bat”. The group will then walk through the evening fog to the famous Ceely Rose. In 1896, Ceely Rose murdered her entire family inside of this little Pleasant Valley home. park naturalist will tell the grizzly true story on the front porch. The night concludes with a rare “candlelight” tour of the Bromfield Mansion where haunted stories will be told.

The fee for this unique experience is $30.00 per participant. This program is not recommended for children under 16 years of age due to its length and content. Dress for weather conditions. Call 419-892-2784 to pre-register. Groups are limited to 25 so register soon to insure your spot.

Malabar Farm is located 12 miles southeast of Mansfield, just one mile west of SR 603 on Pleasant Valley Road. Louis Bromfield, a world-renowned novelist and conservationist, created the farm in the 1940s as a demonstration farm for progressive conservation practices. Malabar Farm State Park is the only working farm in the Ohio State Park system. Programs and special events are offered year-round. For more information about this or other programs, call the park office at 419-892-2784 or visit their Website at


Cuyahoga Heights: Storytellers will tell tales Saturday in Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation – Sun Courier

Cuyahoga Heights: Storytellers will tell tales Saturday in Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation – Sun Courier

Here’s an opportunity to support an under-used communication medium and show your kids how people entertained one another in the past. Traditional story telling!