Ohio.com – Hikers hitting trails at parks

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County is getting its annual fall hiking spree underway. Get out and join the rest of northeast Ohio and enjoy nature along the great Metro Park trails. The hiking spree consists of thirteen designated trails. Hikers that complete 8 of the 13 trails earn either a hiking staff or a badge. (First year hikers get the staff, others get the badge to add to their existing hiking stick.)

Check the Metro Parks, Serving Summit County web site for a complete list of the hiking spree trails.

NeoNaturalist.com has reviewed several of the hiking spree trails. Check out these descriptions to see which trails are most interesting to you. Then, get outside and enjoy. If you want to complete the spree, you have until November 30.


Explore Peaks and Valleys on the Fall Hiking Spree

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County – Peaks and Valleys Hike

Metro Parks, Serving Summit County’s Fall Hiking Spree is still going on. If you have a chance, check out this great trail along with one of Metro Parks’ excellent naturalists. The hike is on the Deer Run Trail at O’Neil Woods Metro Park in Bath. This winter weather provides a splendid opportunity to see the lay of the land along this trail without the vegetation blocking the long views available from the peaks along the trail.

Get outside and see something special!