You choose- Spring or late summer wild flowers?

I used to pine for the coming of spring, with its trillium, and violets, and spring cress, and toothwort. From the depths of the winter with its colorless lull, I would envision the spring ephemerals and believe these spring beauties were the most magnificent of all.

Now I know, as I remember each year after August, that it is the asters of September that hold the crown. I take that back. It is not just the asters, it is late summer wildflowers in general that deserve the title of the most vibrant visions across the landscape. The goldenrods, asters, Joe Pye, ironweed, thistles. All of these create a tapestry of color on the September hills.

Today I was out on the Cross Country Trail at Virginia Kendall (Cuyahoga Valley National Park). Dozens of wild flowers lined the trail, both in the forested and field sections of the trail. September is the perfect time to see white snake root among other things. White berries weigh down the slender branches of gray dogwood shrubs. Berries abound on non-native Russian Olives, Hawthorns, Doll’s Eye, and many other plants.

After reading naturalist William Hudson’s “Tribute to Late Bloomers”, and getting out to explore Nature in the September sunshine, I think you’ll agree that the Asters and wildflowers of September are a sight we should always remember.

What do you think?


New Towpath Trail bridge opens in downtown Akron – New Towpath Trail bridge opens in downtown Akron

Last week, another milestone was accomplished in the quest to connect Cleveland to New Philadelphia along the Ohio and Erie Canal. The towpath is now complete between the City limits of Cleveland and Downtown Akron. Check out the 22 mile section of towpath through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park that has been reviewed by

It is a wonderful section of paved trail that gives a glimpse of natural and cultural history to anyone willing to get off the couch, or out from behind the computer screen and explore nature.

Get out and see it!