WTF is a Ramp and Why Shouldn't I Eat Them? : TreeHugger

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Check out this Treehugger article. It touches the surface of the ethics of eating wild food. When people over-collect anything in Nature, bad things happen. Just like oil is being depleted, so are plant communities impacted by our unwise use.

We can’t expect to feed billions of people the way thousands of people were fed in hunter-gatherer times.

On the other hand, as long as harvesting is done in a way that allows both humans and nature to thrive, eating wild can be a good thing good. More pure, more vital, less fossil fuel and water use.

If you do harvest wild foods or medicinal herbs, please don’t pick every ramp in a patch. Don’t dig all of the goldenseal you find. Spread the seeds of ginseng before you take the roots. Don’t dig them in commercial quantities.

I personally love ramps, but do not harvest them because most of the ones I know about are in parks. But, what about when we do know about edible plants on private land that can be harvested? Is is it acceptable, in a “sustainability” sense, to harvest these, or should we ban even small scale collection for personal use?

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