Winter Tracking Practice

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January is a great time of year to brush up on the Daniel Boone-esque skill of tracking animals. Better yet, it is a great time to expose your children to the wonders of Nature-sleuthing. The white snow picks up every trace of passing mammals. A little detective work might lead you to a great discovery. Go out to the backyard or a local park and see if you can tell who has been there, where they went, and perhaps even why and how quickly they were moving.

Studying the signs of animals in snow can be translated into a summertime activity as well. But, why wait until then? Check out these resources on tracking, then either get outside on your own, or attend an event like the one detailed below.

Read more about following animal tracks in winter at

Get some on the ground experience by attending the following Western Reserve Land Conservancy event: KIDS IN THE SNOW.

The event will be held on Sunday, January 23, 2011 from 0:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m. (The following isA copied from the Western Reserve Land Conservancy Web Page)

Wear your hats, mittens and boots and bundle up for a fun wintertime gathering with Western Reserve Land Conservancy. Children, parents and grandparents can learn about wild life tracks and tracking in the winter landscape. Discover the snow stories of our furry friends. Then warm up with cookies and hot chocolate in the Great Blue Heron Lodge! Feel free to bring a lunch to enjoy as you warm up in the lodge after the hike.
In the event of no snow, we will have an indoor presentation with a power point, and animal examples.

The Rookery (Geauga County Park)
10110 Cedar Road, Munson Township, Ohio

Geauga Park District’s Rookery Park

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