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Medina County Park District

First organized in 1965, Medina County Park District's mission is to enhance the quality of all life through education, conservation and the protection of natural resources. With 3700 acres of parks containing 18 miles of trails throughout the county, they are doing a great job at fulfilling the mission.

Visit any of the following parks to experience the vibrant natural life of Medina County in northeast Ohio. The links below will take you to the Medina Park District's official web page for more information about each park.

Green Leaf Park
Located in Sharon Township, this park is about 60 acres of natural lands and active recreational fields. A nature trail winds through the wooded portion of the park, allowing glimpses of wildflowers and wildlife.

Hubbard Valley Park
Located in Guilford Township, this Medina County Park is a great place for an easy hike, or to relax while fishing on the 18-acre reservoir.

Buckeye Woods Park
This Medina County park is located in Lafayette Township, and is the largest park in the county's park system. With wetlands, forests, picnic areas, this park is a great place to enjoy with the family. Explore the natural world on the trails of Buckeye Woods Park.

Letha House Park
Chatham Township is the location of this park in Medina County Ohio. With an observatory here, public programs take advantage of the dark sky over rural Medina County to interpret the heavenly bodies visible in northeast Ohio. The park is also a popular spot for children's programs. Equestrian trails are available as well.

Plum Creek Park
This park in Brunswick Hills Township has good examples of a mature forest, as well as fishing ponds and picnic areas.

Granger Township in eastern Medina County contains one of the most scenic sites in the county. Allardale has several hiking trails, including an easy to walk trail that families with small children can enjoy.

Alderfer/Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary
Educational wetlands, as well as the Medina County Park District's environmental education center are fabulous resources for teaching children about nature and ecological values at this Medina County park.

River Styx Park
A paved loop trail, large pond, and mature forests are the key ingredients of this fine Medina County Park.

Princess Ledges Nature Preserve
This Medina County park, located in Brunswick Hills Township contains a mile and a half of trail. The most prominent features in the park are the sandstone ledges and wonderful spring wildflowers.

Lake Medina
This park is situated around a large artificial lake in Medina County. Park visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and cross-country skiing while being surrounded by the natural world.

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