Blue Hen Falls Trail

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Blue Hen Falls, a waterfall in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

A view of the waterfall at the end of the Blue Hen Falls Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

National Park Service
Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Boston Township, Ohio(Summit County)

From Riverview Road north of the Village of Peninsula, head west on Boston Mills Road.  The Blue Hen Falls Parking Lot is on the north side of Boston Mills Road about a half mile from Riverview.  An overflow lot sits south of the road for use if the main lot is full.



Trail Summary
Length:1/6 of a mile

Duration: a leisurely 1/2 hour

Surface: Old pavement and natural surfaces.
Type: In and back, or can continue on the Buckeye Trail.
Difficulty: Moderate
Accessible: No. Rough surfaces and a steep climb  make this trail difficult for those with mobility challenges.

Trail Description

Blue Hen Falls, named for the female Great Blue Heron, is a 15 foot drop on a small stream called Spring Creek.  Hiking to the falls is an easy affair, although we do give the trail a difficulty of moderate because of the steep slope that you must traverse first down, then later on the return trip. The trail heads down into the Spring Creek valley through a fairly diverse forest.  Many Red and Black Oaks dominate the landscape as you head down the hill.  At the bottom, a newly constructed bridge crosses over Spring Creek.  Soon after, the Buckeye Trail splits off to the left and up a steep hill.  If you want to see Blue Hen Falls, stay to the right.

Blue Hen Falls in Winter with ice

A close up of the top of Blue Hen Falls in Winter.

Following a split rail fence, you will hear the falls and soon see a wooden park bench.  Blue Hen Falls will be on the right near the bench.  Here, the organic soil gives way to  Berea Sandstone, which sits on a base of  Bedford Shale.

Blue Hen Falls is a serene place to spend time, but it is also a fairly popular spot, so don’t be too disappointed if the serenity is occasionally invaded by another Nature-loving waterfall seeker.

Trail Map

Here is a link to a National Park Service Map of the Blue Hen Falls Trail.


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