The Lake Trail

Virginia Kendall, Cuyahoga Valley National Park

A photograph of kendall Lake in the winter.
A winter scene at Kendall Lake
Note the twigs sticking out of the ice near the center of the photo.
This is likely a beaver food cache.


Access from Kendall Lake on Truxell Road in Boston Ohio. From Akron-Peninsula Road south of Peninsula, turn left (east) on Truxell Road. Kendall Lake will be on the right (south) side.

Trail Summary

Length: 1 mile
Surface: Natural
Accessible: No (rough surfaces and stairs)
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1 hour

Trail Description

The Lake Trail at Virginia Kendall takes you in a loop around (surprise) Kendall Lake. From the Kendall Lake Parking Lot, head south from the corner closest to the lake shelter. This will take you clockwise around the lake.

The trail starts off in a mixed woodland of ash, cherry, hickory and maple trees. As you hike along, you will meander through stands of white pine and scotch pine planted in the 1930s. These stands are reaching maturity, and a number of trees have been knocked over by wind. In the gaps created by the falling pines, you may notice young deciduous trees taking the place of the conifers.

Along the Lake Trail, you will notice a number of shrub and plant species. American Hazelnut shrubs abound. Gray dogwood is another common feature along this stretch of trail.

In terms of wildlife, this area is very diverse. You may be graced with a view of swimming beaver if you visit near dusk or dawn. These industrious native engineers live in bank lodges along the lake. Beaver create food caches by clipping shrubs and tree branches and amassing them under water for winter feeding. If you look closely in the fall and winter, tips of these delectable foodstuffs can sometimes be seen in Kendall Lake.

As you hike around the lake, you will cross the dam. Rehabilitated in the early 2000s, the dam keeps Kendall Lake filled with water and controls the outflow to Salt Run. To your left at the bottom of the dam, you will see the beautiful stream known as Salt Run. This tributary collects water from Kendall Lake and the surrounding area and eventually deposits it into the Cuyahoga River.

The Lake Trail is a wonderful place to take the kids or enjoy an evening hike with friends. Get outside and check it out!