Writer’s Guidelines

NeoNaturalist.com pays writers for short articles (300-600 words) that inspire curiosity about Nature, provoke people to get more exercise by using hiking trails in parks, and stimulate discussion about human-kind’s place in Nature. All articles should have an ecological basis, and fit into the broad categories of Parks, Trails (preferably in Ohio but other geographical areas may be acceptable), Nature, and the Place of Humans In Nature.

Trail reviews should include:

  • A paragraph describing the general ecological features of the area in which the trail is located
  • Description of observable natural or cultural features
  • General knowledge about such features
  • An interpretation of why that feature is present, its significance, what it says about the past history of a site, or other interpretations of interest to nature lovers or local historians.
  • 2 digital photographs sized 250 pixels wide with a resolution of at least 150 dpi.
  • Captions for the photographs
  • Directions to the trail
  • Length/type of trail
  • Duration of hike
  • Surface Type
  • Notation on accessibility
  • Subjective rating of easy, moderate or difficult
  • County and City/Township the trail is in
  • Web address and name of managing agency
  • A listing of nearby trails
  • Prudent precautions (ie bring bugspray , watch for Poison Ivy, etc.)

All other articles should include at least

  • Why this is an important knowledge area or topic for nature lovers
  • Safety issues
  • Age suggestions if needed
  • Basic information about nature and the skill or ecological aspects under consideration

All articles should strive to instill a sense of joy, wonderment and connection to nature. little spirituality as part of the article is a good thing, as long as it does not predominate.

We buy non-exclusive rights, and pay 3 to 6 cents per word upon acceptance for the article, which includes photographs. All submissions must be made via email. Article must be sent as text within the body of the email, with the photographs being attached as jpg files to the same email. Email article submissions or queries toA editor@neoNaturalist.com.