Essential Knowledge for Naturalists

We have divided our Nature Section, artificially, into three categories. They are Natural History, Skills & Drills, and People & Nature.

A beaver-chewed tree in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Natural History

Natural History is the descriptive study of Nature, broadly defined. Natural History includes all aspects of Nature, from the beginnings of the physical universe, to plants, animals, weather, geology, ecology, and beyond. More than this, it is the study of life in the context of the environment that influences it. As human beings, we are all parts of Nature. Without understanding Nature, we can not fully understand ourselves, or our place in this world.

Skills & Drills

Once you have some knowledge of Natural History, you will want to get out and observe Nature to put your knowledge together with some real-world experience. This section of NeoNaturalist.com will give you some ideas about what you should look for and do out there in Nature.

People & Nature: Essays on Humans and their place in Nature

Our People & Nature Section is a place for us NeoNaturalists to spout off about our views on the interrelationship of humankind and Nature, things that are wrong with society today, and things that are wonderful about the world as well.