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Tree Identification

How to identify common trees

Roughly fissured dark bark of a Black Walnut Tree.
Can you tell what this tree is from the bark?

As you are hiking on trails or in parks do you ever find yourself wondering what the surrounding vegetation is? Sure, you know they are trees or shrubs or grasses or wildflowers. You may even be able to tell a few tree species by the leaves.

But, can you tell which tree it is by its bark? What about just by looking at the branches or twigs?

If this sounds like a thrill to you, you have come to the right place. Here you can learn how to identify some of the more common trees in all of these ways. Check out the following pages to get started.

Identify trees by branches or twigs
Identify trees by leaves (coming soon)
Identify trees by bark

If you would like to learn more in depth tree identification skills, consider purchasing the following materials:

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