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Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks' mission is to conserve significant natural resources and enhance people's lives by providing safe, high-quality outdoor education, recreation, and zoological opportunities.

Cleveland Metroparks was incorporated in 1913, and is the oldest metropolitan park district in Ohio. Created under section 1545 of the Ohio revised code, park districts in Ohio are independent political subdivisions governed by a board of commissioners appointed by the county probate judge. Cleveland Metroparks, like other Ohio park districts, is funded by property tax revenues.

Bridal Veil Falls, a waterfall visible from the Buckeye Trail in Bedford Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks in northeast Ohio
Bridal Veil Falls is one of the many wonders of nature you will see along the Buckeye Trail in Bedford Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks.

Cleveland Metroparks manages an "emerald necklace" of parks and parkways surrounding Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. The 20,000 acres of park land is managed for natural values as well as recreation and education. First class visitor centers and other facilities show the great care Cleveland Metroparks takes to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Cleveland Metroparks has parks located around northeast Ohio, in the glaciated Allegheny plateau ecological region. The parks are managed for diversity, so rather than just the forests that would have been found here naturally, the visitor will find managed prairies, pine plantations, and managed meadows teeming with birds, butterflies and many other kinds of wildlife.

Cleveland Metroparks has something for everyone. From paved all-purpose trails to the rustic Buckeye Trail, from Sanctuary Marsh Nature Center at North Chagrin to the fabulous Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and Rocky River Nature Center, you and the entire family will enjoy Cleveland Metroparks.

Parks managed by Cleveland Metroparks

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Bedford Reservation. This park protects a broad corridor of natural land along Tinker's Creek in Bedford and nearby communities. The most spectacular feature is the Tinker?s Creek Gorge, a designated National Natural Landmark.

Brecksville Reservation. A large and ecologically diverse park, Brecksville Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks lies along a tributary of the Cuyahoga River called Chippewa Creek. Highlights of the park are the fabulous Oak Hickory woods in the uplands, bottomland forests of Sycamore, Cottonwood, Ash and Elm, and a small managed prairie located near the nature center.

North Chagrin Reservation. Along the Chagrin River in Cuyahoga and Lake Counties, North Chagrin Reservations is one of the most beautiful of Cleveland Metroparks natural areas. The hemlock ravines and Beech-Maple forests teem with life. Beautiful overlooks, waterfalls flowing over ancient shale, and historical features, such as Squire?s Castle make North Chagrin Reservation a wonderful place to explore nature. Arthur B. Williams, the famed Naturalist, studied an area of North Chagrin which is now known as, appropriately, A.B. Williams Woods. This Beech-Maple forest inspired Williams to write what still may be the best description of the ecology of this type of climax forest ecosystem. As a tribute to that fact, and to the exemplary resources of the forest, the National Park Service has designated A.B. Williams Woods a National Natural Landmark.

South Chagrin Reservation. A sister to North Chagrin Reservation, South Chagrin also lies along the Chagrin River. When standing mid stream in the Chagrin at Squaw Rock, it is easy to see why this special place is preserved as a park. The high rock walls topped with majestic hemlocks and birches lay dappled in an ethereal light. The swiftly moving river bathes the mind in the soft white noise of its passage over the rock-bottomed riverbed. This is a great place to recharge and relax during off hours. During warm weather weekends, it is a great place to enjoy watching kids and teenagers play somewhat noisily in the river.

Euclid Creek Reservation. This smaller reservation straddles Euclid Creek. The stone-bottomed creek flows past towering slopes of beautiful hardwood forests. Four picnic areas within the reservation provide ample opportunities for a fun-filled afternoon with the family.

Garfield Park. An oaisis of green in an urban setting, Garfield Park contains mature woodlands, wetlands, and wonderful trails.

Washington Park. While not a pristine natural park, this urban park is a vital part of Cleveland Metroparks? network of parks in Cuyahoga County.

Bradley Woods Reservation. This reservation is a largely flat woodland composed of mesic and wet forest species such as Red Maple and Pin Oak. Observers of waterfowl will love Bradley Woods.

Huntington Reservation. This Metropark in Bay Village on the west side of Cleveland is a wonderful place to relax and fish on the shore of our great lake.

Rocky River Reservation. A very large linear park following the Rocky River, this reservation lies in a valley guarded by high shall cliffs and well-developed forests. Particularly of interest are native American remnants at Fort Hill and elsewhere in the reservation.

Hinckley Reservation. In Medina County south of Cleveland, this large forested tract of land is home to a diversity of wildlife, such as Acadian Flycatcher, Woodthrush, and Hooded Warblers. Watchers of Turkey Vultures congregate here each spring to witness the purported return of the Buzzards as well.

Mill Stream Run Reservation. Abounding in native American history, as well as historic features and history of European settlement, this reservation, named for the mills that were located in the area in the 1800?s, is a wonderland for history buffs and naturalists alike.

Big Creek Reservation
In addition to its bike path that connects hikers and bikers to the Emerald Necklace around Cleveland, Big Creek Reservation is home to a large glacial kettlehole lake, numerous marshes, and diverse wildlife.

Brookside Reservation. An urban reservation, this park has ballfields, trails, and picnic areas.

Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation. Located at the top of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, this reservation was created in the late 1990?s from disused industrial lands along the Cuyahoga River in Cuyahoga County. The Towpath Trail and the Canalway Visitor Center contain interpretive exhibits that explore the transportation and industrial history of the area.

West Creek Reservation. This park was created by a local group called the West Creek Preservation Committee. They worked in partnership with Cleveland Metroparks to provide public access to lands containing wetlands and floodplains along West Creek, a tributary to the Cuyahoga River.

For full information, please visit the Cleveland Metroparks web site .

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